Non-medicinal veterinary products

VETRAMIL ointment for wounds with honey and essential oils for treatment of wounds in animals

The ointment softens and protects dry skin. Vetramil ® contains honey with a very high content of enzymes. These enzymes have antibacterial effect and clean infected wounds quickly. Low pH creates natural and healing environment in the wound. Essential oils stimulate renewal of the damaged skin and improve disinfection. The Vetramil ® ointment acts immediately. Vetramil ® stimulates healing of smaller and greater wounds, reduces the risk of infection in the wound and can be applied in all  domestic animals. Vetramil ® calms the irritates skin and helps to reduce itching.


VETRAMIL AURIS ear drops for domestic animals

Vetramil ® Auris are honey based ear drops combined with propylene glycol. Honey in Vetramil has a high content of enzymes and low pH. The glucose oxidase enzyme ensures gradual release of very low hydrogen peroxide concentrations in the humid environment. Thanks to slightly viscous composition the drops penetrate into the external auditory canal easily where they support regenerative ability of the sensitive, reddish and irritated skin.

VETRAMIL ® MET solution for uterine flushing

Vetramil ® MET is a uterine solution designed to supplement the treatment of metritis of dairy cows, helping to calm inflamed areas. By causing mild hyperaemia, it´s helping to regenerate uterine tissue.

Packaging: 500 ml



Vetramil® Dermashampoo is suitable for adult dogs and puppies from 6 weeks of age. It has been specifically developed for dogs prone to skin irritation. The pH value of the shampoo corresponds to pH of dog´s skin and does not interfere with its natural fat layer. The shampoo contains honey rich in enzymes. Natural herbal antioxidants and enzymes contained in honey clean and soothe the sensitive skin. Thanks to the extract of aloe vera, the shampoo hydrates and cares for the skin. Castor oil promotes the quality of the coat and gives it a nice shine.

Packaging: 150 ml


Vetramil ® PAD: Moist wound dressing

Vetramil® Pad is a sterile wound dressing consisting of a natural viscose absorbent layer that is coated with a non-adhesive polyethylene layer. The inner layer is impregnated with a small amount of liquid based on honey and glycerin, making Vetramil® Pad slightly damp. Vetramil® Pad contains pure honey with a high content of enzymes (eg glucose oxidase), which is produced under controlled conditions. Checking the honey production process ensures that Vetramil® Pad does not contain any pesticide residues and keeps the same quality at all times.


Packaging: 5 x (10 x 10 cm)


Vetramil ® PAW WAX: wax with honey on paws

Vetramil® PAW WAX, wax with honey on the paws, has been specially developed to protect the cushions on the paws of dogs. Outdoors to prevent footpad damage under extreme conditions. At home to prevent slipping, because this product is slightly roughened on the paws. The high concentration of enzyme-rich honey in the product helps to quickly cure cracks. The beeswax creates a protective layer, which makes the paw pads always in good shape. The bitter taste prevents the dog’s wax from licking.

Packaging: 120 g


VETRAMIL ® SPRAY with honey and essential oils for pet care

Vetramil Spray contains honey and essential oils in a fine emulsion. The spray creates a thin film on the skin to provide optimal protection with long-lasting effects. Vetramil Spray contains honey with a high enzyme content and low pH. Enzymes provide long-term skin protection. Low pH creates a favorable environment and restores the natural acidity of the skin. Natural antioxidants contained in honey soothe the skin and pure ethereal oils enhance the effect of honey.


Vetramil Spray is suitable for all animal species.

Packaging: 100 ml