We have been concerned with specialized field consultancy in the swine breeding sector since 1997. We cooperate with the majority of important farms in the Czech Republic for a long time period. With respect to active membership in professional associations focused on the issue of swine breeding and health (e.g. CPVS – Czech Association of Veterinarians – specialists in porcine diseases; AASV – American Association of Swine Veterinarians; close communication with specialists from the Danish Pig Production) we are familiarized in details with the latest health and breeding issues concerning pigs and are able to put the latest knowledge into practice.

We offer complex diagnostic–therapeutic-preventive services:

  • clinical, pathoanatomic and laboratory diagnostics at any level of the process of pig production, incl. screening in the slaughterhouse and interpretation of laboratory results
  • elaboration of preventive and therapeutic measures with respect to the current situation in the herd
  • check of efficacy of the implemented preventive and therapeutic actions
  • assessment of economic profitability of the performed measures
  • realization of zoo-hygienic measures, assessment of stable microclimate, assessment of technological errors, incl. elaboration of the proposed solution
  • proposal of the optimum DDD programme and recommendations concerning breed protection from infections, incl. staff familiarization and training
  • optimization of farm management and structure

Contact person:

MVDr. Linda Czanderlová, Ph.D.
Tel.:777 714 156

MVDr. Barbora Haráková

tel. +420 777 714 155

Ing. Jiří Odehnal

tel.: +420 774 034 231


Veterinary care

The company SEVARON s.r.o. is able and willing to grant the complex veterinary care for the breed within the scope of its services for the swine breeders.

The complex veterinary care includes specialized veterinary actions and services, incl. preventive actions and therapy of sick animals, realization of veterinary activities following from possible state job orders, incl. the state job orders settled by the breeder, continuous supervision over observation of zoo-hygienic and zoo-veterinary conditions and state of health of the animals and realization of the measures focused on continuous improvement of the state of health of the herd and minimization of losses by death, confiscations and diseases, and thus improvement of the overall economic results of the breeding (farm).

Breed management

Hoof issue

Lameness in pigs in the commercial herds became an important economic issue affecting welfare of the animals. Nourishment, management, stabling and trauma represent certain predisposition factors which can result in lameness and in premature exclusion of the sows from the herd. Lameness caused by non-uniform weight distribution on overgrown hooves can be eliminated by effective hoof shortening. This brochure describes the method of treatment of the deformed hooves to restore correct weight distribution.

Software for farm management

The company SEVARON offers – in cooperation with the AgroSoft company –introduction of the computer system WinPig for correlation of breeding indicators, correlation of the state of health of the pigs and economic indicators of swine breeding.

Advantages of the WinPig AgroSoft system:

  • Utilizes the latest technology
  • Eliminates the duplicate data loading
  • Corrects the incorrectly loaded data in the real time
  • Simple data loading – possibility to use PDA
  • Possibility of choice from several modules, depending on customer’s wishes and needs  ? packages of unified modules, individual programme modules
  • Veterinary module ?– possibility to register animal treatment